After trying multiple brands, methods and different types of hair extensions, I now only offer my clients the very best quality of hair and methods- Remi Cachet & Beauty Works. When it comes to extensions there are so many factors to be taken into consideration; your lifestyle, how you wear your hair, how often you wash it and even how often you wear it up; this is why a thorough consultation is needed before every fitting. Here we discuss all methods, discuss your lifestyle, colour match you, discuss the aftercare process and I can give you a price for your new hair. Hair extensions are an investment but one of the most amazing ones and there really is no better feeling than giving people the hair of their dreams. When fitted correctly and with correct aftercare advice and maintenance, extensions can help aid hair growth and are completely damage free on your natural hair. Both Remi Cachet and Beauty Works offer a wide variety of methods, and in total I offer 4 extension methods- that being tapes, LA weave, mini tips and ultra tips. Prices for all methods vary depending on colour, chosen length & quantity of hair needed and is something I can give you during your consultation.

TAPES Example


I probably would say that tapes are my go to method, they are so amazing for every head of hair and such a gentle method. Your hair is sandwiched between 2 tapes to create one tape. They are brilliant for all hair types, fine, thick, long, short and they are so versatile, flat and discreet. Maintenance is required every 8-10 weeks where the extensions are safely removed, glue residue all combed out and the tapes pushed back up to your root with the hair being reused again and again.

LA WEAVE Example


LA weave is a great method for clients with medium to thick hair. I offer the braidless weave, where the hair is sewn onto a track of bonds in your hair. This is a brilliant method for clients who want lots of volume and can also be part of a ‘hybrid method’ (weave & bonds combo). Maintenance is also required every 8-10 weeks and the hair is reusable time and time again.



Ultra tips, for me, are the most incredible form of individual bonds I have ever seen on the market. The thickness they give you is like nothing I’ve ever seen with bonds, the bond is slightly more fanned, spreading the hair out and gives such amazing coverage and can be reused time and time again. The bond is slightly wider but completely paper flat, making this such a versatile method and so easy to wear in a range of different styles. Maintenance is required every 8-10 weeks.



Mini tips (otherwise known as micro bonds) are the perfect method for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of glue in their hair. Stick tips are great for all hair types and reusable over and over again. Maintenance is required every 8-10 weeks and the hair is removed, natural hair shedding is combed out and the hair is reapplied fresh to the root.


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